Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren Talking Figurine


Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren Talking Figurine

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Figurine Says:Hold on a sec, I’m gonna get me um’ a beer.

Touted by Harvard Law School as the “first woman of color to be given tenure at the institution” Pocahontas, who is said to be a whopping 1/1024th Native American, clearly knows how to relax and have fun!

So don’t delay, get the party started with Senator Warren’s life like talking figurine. Is she the drinking buddy you’ve always wanted? Probably not!

Because let’s face it – her beer is probably only 1/1024th alcohol too!  

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Elizabeth Warren can’t seem to keep her story straight, but she doesn’t care! It’s her RIGHT to be President!

Our hilarious talking political figurine encapsulates this calamity! Don’t delay be sure to get yours today!


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