Crying Chuck Schumer Talking Political Figurine


Crying Chuck Schumer Talking Political Figurine

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Figurine Says: You will never have your wall Mr. President”

Is there a sadder person in the world than Cryin’ Chuck?

Day after day, with the face of a puppy torn from its mother, Cryin’ Chuck keeps hunching over his lectern in the Senate Chamber, reciting tales of doom and gloom.

From giving Iran billions of dollars, to assassinating the character of Brett Cavanaugh, to opposing the wall, to this current impeachment mess – Senator Schumer has solidified his record.

But let’s face it – he keeps getting “beat like a drum” which is why he’s earned his nickname Cryin’ Chuck!

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Taking center stage during the Impeachment Scam – Crying Chuck Schumer has not made many friends. As he cries day after day about losing to the Republicans, Crying Chuck continues to hunch over his lecture and contradict himself time and again!

So don’t delay and get our hilarious life like talking Chuck Schumer Political Figurine today!


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