Sleepy Joe Biden Talking Political Figurine


Sleepy Joe Biden Talking Political Figurine

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Figurine Says:One of my problems is I like Republicans. Well, bless me father for I have sinned.

Sleepy, or better known by some as Creepy Joe Biden can’t seem to keep his hands off people or keep his words straight! Our hilarious life like replica of “Quid-Pro” Joe will have you and your friends laughing every time!

Because let’s face it – The only thing more obvious than  Joe Biden’s creepy touching is his corruption!

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Creepy or Sleepy Joe Biden sure has made a mess over the course of the past few decades. From clearly intruding on others private space, to stumbling on his words, Quid-Pro Joe doesn’t lack in Gaffes!

Our hilarious talking political figurine encapsulates this calamity! Don’t delay be sure to get yours today before Sleepy Joe gets sent to the dust bin of politics!


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