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Joe Biden’s Creepy Touching: One of Washington’s Best Kept Secrets

In Midst of The #MeToo Movement, Students Are Shocked to See Footage of Joe Biden Inappropriately Touching Girls & Women

In recent weeks Joe Biden has continued to win the lion share of states and delegates in the Democratic primary, turning the race for the party’s nomination from a two, to a one man show. As he steamrolls through self-proclaimed Socialist, Bernie Sanders, we wanted to look back on last year when Campus Reform hit the streets and learned what Millennials actually knew about Joe Biden.

Students Shown Creepy Joe Biden Videos – Shock Ensues

While visiting the University of Iowa campus in April 2019, Cabot Phillips spoke with students and showed them real life video of Creepy Joe touching, sniffing, and just being all around awkward with unexpecting women and girls. Check it out now…..

For our readers at Politigoofs this is nothing new; in fact we covered this exact topic in one of our recent articles titled, How Creepy Joe Got His Nickname.

But for the students in this video, and we assume many around the country, this was the first time they had been exposed to this footage. And to say the least – they were shocked.

Baffling Hypocrisy From Democrats

As Creepy Joe continues to outpace the competition in the Democratic primary race, his success continues to baffle conservatives everywhere. After living through the excruciating experience of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation, many conservatives simply can’t understand Democrats hypocrisy, turning a blind eye to Joe Biden’s blatant improper behavior.  

Their quest to find someone “acceptable” enough to the nations moderate or independent voters has blinded them into accepting and whitewashing these concerning behaviors. Their undying desire to unseat President Trump has lead them to the verge of nominating a candidate that even Vox said couldn’t win in 2020!

Providing Humor In Politics

But never fear!

Politigoofs is here to keep you laughing and hold democrats accountable for their double standards. Be sure to check back regularly for updated content during the rest of the Democrat Primary and 2020 presidential race! You can visit our shop 24/7 and keep the laughs going by purchasing our hilarious talking political figurines, including our life like Creepy Joe Biden figurine!

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