Lying Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth “Pinocchio” …Wait, “Pocahontas” Warren

Pathological Liar Still Seeking Presidential Nomination

Recently, while campaigning in Iowa Elizabeth Warren was asked by Zak Hudak, a CBS reporter,

Is it disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American public about anything?”

Her response was anything but reassuring…

Uh, I would think that it, you know, how could the American people want someone who lies to them?… I think that, that we just do our best out there every day, and I hope that’s what happens with everyone.”

Even this past week, during the most viewed 2020 Democrat Party National debate thus far, Pocahontas couldn’t resist but start fibbing again, this time aiming her attacks at Mini Mike Bloomberg (Who also has a lying issue).

Warren claimed, “When Mayor Bloomberg was busy blaming African Americans and Latinos for the housing crash of 2008, I was right here in Las Vegas literally just a few blocks down the street holding hearings on the banks that were taking away homes from millions of families.”

While not as obvious as some of her other lies, even the left leaning PolitiFact labeled this one as Mostly false!

So, in honor of this her most recent “lack of candor” our team at Politigoofs has put together a list of our favorite Elizabeth Warren lies! Let’s get right to it, counting down from #5……..

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s 5 Biggest Lies:

5. Told MA Constituents She Would Serve Full Senate Term

This one was truly a whopper! When asked if she would commit to serving out her full term during the 2018 MA Senate Election, Pocahontas famously proclaimed to her own MA constituents …

Yes, that’s my plan. I’m running for the United States Senate in 2018,” “I am not running for president of the United States. That’s my plan.

Her 2020 presidential bid began a few short months later, when she announced her run at a rally in Lawrence, MA.

4. Claimed Her Children Attended Public School

One of Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren’s main platforms in the 2020 Presidential Campaign has been a plan to roll our an over $800 Billion Dollar investment into our Public Education System.

On her own campaign website, she even outlines the plan saying “I believe in America’s public schools. It’s time to give our schools the support they need to ensure that every student has access to a meaningful, high-quality public education. Add your name to support our plan for public education.”

But when approached at a campaign event in Atlanta last year, Pocahontas was asked

“(are)We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids? Because I read that your children went to private schools,” 

To which she replied…

My children went to public schools

What she failed to say was that her son did in fact go to a public school through 5th grade “And then was switched to a private school with a hefty tuition. Meaning that Ms. Warren exercised precisely the choice and freedom parents like Ms. Carpenter are advocating for families that cannot afford to send their kid off to private school for $15,000 a year.”

You can cut the hypocrisy with a butter knife!

3. Claimed Her Father Worked As a Janitor

This lie seems to be exceptionally ruthless, and her own family is calling her out!

In an effort to solidify a “blue collar” identity with voters and appeal to the middle-class, Pocahontas Warren put forth an all-out effort to distance herself from her coastal elite networks at Harvard University, and align herself with everyday hard-working Americans.

The only problem? Her dad WASN’T A JANOITOR!

Her own brother is even on record as saying the claim makes him furious, and that  “My dad was never a janitor”. Now that’s a Thanksgiving dinner we don’t want to be at!

1. Claimed To Be Native American

Unless you’ve been liing under a rock and have no access to media or Twitter, its common knowledge that Elizabeth Warren, one of the leading 2020 Democratic Presidential nominees, claimed to Native American, and even went so far as to take a DNA test to prove it.

The problem was the DNA test proved the opposite. She’s a grand total 1/1024th Native American! Not only that but she has no experience in Tribal Life and the Cherokee Nation went as far as calling her claims flat out “inappropriate and wrong”.

How much she benefitted from the claim is up for dispute, but it seems as though she utilized it to advance her career at Harvard University and the institution claimed in numerous areas and on numerous occasions that Warren was a minority and of Native American Decent.

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