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What is Politigoofs

Politigoofs, LLC was founded to provide fellow conservatives with an outlet of humor for their political frustrations. Our products are designed to be lighthearted, funny, and informative all at once. We aim to make our customers laugh and provide them with unique products, they won’t find anywhere else!


About the Company

A Background in Politics

Our Background

Politigoofs, LLC was started in 2017 by an active political conservative, Richard Ferry.

Mr. Ferry has a detailed political past dating back to his tenure at Washington College of Law of the American University, where he was the President of his senior class and the Dean of the Delta Theta PHI law fraternity (notable members include four US presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Calvin Coolidge, and Lyndon B. Johnson, nine US Supreme Court Justices, an Australian Prime Minister, and over 100 members of congress).

While attending Washington College of Law, Mr. Ferry developed relationships with notable classmates such as Senator Bob Byrd (D, WV) and the Dean of the law school at the time, John Sherman Myers. Dean Myers was best known at the time for his prosecutorial work at the Nuremberg War Trials, in Germany.

Through his positions and his personal relationships, Mr. Ferry was quickly ushered into some interesting political and legal circles in Washington, DC.

Specifically he was introduced through Dean Myers to Leon Jaworski, another Nuremberg War Trial prosecutor but best known for his time as Watergate Special Prosecutor. Through this relationship Mr. Ferry was tapped to head “Democrats for Regan/Bush” in the New England States during the 1984 Presidential Election, against Democrat Walter Mondale.

His strategy was to develop as many Democrats to vote for the third-party candidate, John Anderson, as possible. The rest is history! In Massachusetts, Anderson received 15.15% of the vote which allowed Reagan/Bush to squeeze in to a .1517 majority and win the state. Massachusetts was one of the few states whose outcome remained in doubt as the election began, and through this strategy it was the first time since 1956 a Republican had won the majority of the vote in the Liberal leaning State!

This propelled Mr. Ferry into the next phase of his career where he spent time as an outside consultant to J. Walter Thompson in NYC and Hill and Knowlton in Washington, DC.

After his time there he became a lobbyist in the New England States for the National Taxpayer’s Union, working on the Federal Balanced Budget Amendment and a lobbyist in the New England States for the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Mr. Ferry is also a Korean War Veteran and a two-time Purple Heart recipient.


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